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Law makes us civilized. Help the world stay that way.

When you get educated at India’s top Law Schools, you are equipped with the tools needed to work smartly on the most complex of legal issues that face the governments, corporations, and organizations of the world. As a graduate from a top Law School, you will argue before the highest courts, help companies understand their legal positions on various matters, help individuals fight for their rights and in general, help the world stay civilized. That’s how fundamental law education’s impact is.

Institutions offering law education
Admission Notification of CLAT 2017

Law Universities affiliated with CLAT

   NALSAR - Hyderabad    NLSIU - Bangalore    NLUJA - Assam    HNLU - Raipur
   RMLNLU - Lucknow    GNLU - Gandhinagar    NUSRL - Ranchi    NLUO - Cuttack
   NLIU - Bhopal    NUJS - Kolkata    NLU - Jodhpur    TNNLS – Tiruchirappalli
   RGNUL - Punjab    CNLU - Patna    NUALS - Kochi    DSNLU - Visakhapatnam
   MNLU - Mumbai    MNLU - Nagpur